Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Trolejbusowej Sp. z o.o. w Gdyni


Producent: Medcom, Solaris Bus&Coach
Type: Trollino 12M
Type: Low-floor
Length x width x height:: 12000 x 2550 x 3300 mm
Wheelbase 5900 mm
Weight 12560 kg
Total weight:: 18000 kg
Places in total:: 81
Seats: 32+1
Number of doors:: 3
Width of doors: 1350 mm
Drivre: asynchronous with inverter (IGBT) with recovery of braking energy
Engine (brand and type): EMIT STDa 280 6B lub STDa 280 6B-4
Motor power rating: 175 kW
Location: longitudinal, asymmetric, rear
ABS: yes
ASR: yes
Additional: Traction battery with autonomous power 2x84xSTH800 (SAFT)